Who are we?

Malting, milling, frozen bakery, maize processing, animal nutrition, research and biotechnologies… VIVESCIA Industries specialises in multiple grain-processing businesses. Each of our business units is a company working in a specific sector, mainly in the B2B food industry. However, some of our companies have brands that are well known by the general public, such as Francine flour and Campaillette bakeries in France, and Délifrance on international markets.

VIVESCIA Industries, the Cooperative spirit in action 

Early in the 20th century, farmers from the North-East of France joined forces to create cooperatives to collect, store, and sell their grain. Without a major maritime trading port in their region from which to transport and export their grain, they decided to process it locally, as close as possible to their farms. They built malt houses and mills…

At the turn of the millennium, five regional cooperatives in turn joined forces to further consolidate their business model: They consolidated their industrial assets in grain processing, thereby enabling themselves to support the growth of major food companies in France and the rest of Europe.
Gradually, they began to invest in the companies that turned their grain into food, mainly bread, viennoiserie products and cakes. As their markets and customers became more international, they set out to conquer new territories, first in Europe and then all over the worlds.

Thanks to their upstream ties with cooperative farmers and the VIVESCIA Cooperative, VIVESCIA Industries’ companies contribute to the growth of specialist wheat/flour/bread and barley/malt value chains.

Un actionnariat engagé

VIVESCIA Industries' shareholder base includes farming cooperatives, institutional and financial partners, and individual shareholders – essentially employees of the Group. Its diversity and stability represent major assets in the pursuit of a long-term strategy.

  • 18
  • 3
    financial partners
  • 4400
    individual investors

Expertise in six industries 

Our milling, frozen bakery, malting, maize processing and animal nutrition businesses enable us to exploit the grain’s full potential in terms of taste and nutrition. Our sixth business unit is focused on R&D and devoted to creating value from plant matter and industrial biotechnologies.VIVESCIA Industries’ companies target mainly regional customers and multinational food companies (B2B) most of which are leaders in their respective industries. Our agricultural and cooperative roots underpin and legitimise our business expertise at every link in the supply chain.

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Our brands

Because we mainly operate in the B2B market, the general public is mostly not familiar with our businesses. But some of our brands have long been a daily fixture in the lives of many consumers: Francine, is France’s leading flour brand, a veritable cultural institution, and undisputed leader in retail flour sales;  Campaillette and Copaline artisan bakeries; Délifrance’s simple and essential French-style bakery products

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Our Cooperative farmers’ entrepreneurial spirit led them to grow their business on every continent.

Carte implantations
Nos implantations dans le monde
  • 5000
  • €2 billion
  • 50M
    packs of Francine flour are sold every year in France
  • 1/3
    bakers in France are partners of Grands Moulins de Paris
  • 10%
    of beers in the world are produced with Malteurop's malt
  • More than 4,6M
    viennoiserie products made by Délifrance every day