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Our different businesses

VIVESCIA Industries specialises in grain processing for food application, and now operates in six sectors: malting, milling, frozen bakery, maize processing, animal feed, and research and biotechnologies. Every day, our teams process grain to make the ingredients that go into countless staple foods and premium products.

6 métiers

Businesses that are “sustainable” because they are “essential” 

Grain is a staple of people’s diets on every continent. All over the world and throughout history, the grain supply has always been an essential prerequisite to both daily life and national stability. The global population is growing. This means grain-based food industries benefit from structurally sustainable growth. Today’s changing lifestyles are also positive for our businesses: the out-of-home market is growing and consumers increasingly aspire to good quality food that is not only delicious, but also authentic and traceable from field to fork. 

Vertically integrated businesses

Thanks to their upstream ties with cooperative farmers, VIVESCIA Industries’ companies contribute to the growth of specialist wheat/flour/bread and barley/malt supply chains, among others. These value chains are structured at national and international level through partnerships with major food industry groups. These partnerships, which include every link in the supply chain, from field to fork, are all great opportunities to get to know each other, to understand our respective constraints, and ultimately, to work together more effectively.

Diverse businesses connected to upstream agriculture

This diverse portfolio of businesses, consolidated by our international development, ensures that our sales are evenly distributed. They all share the same strength: their agricultural roots and connections to the VIVESCIA Cooperative and its subsidiaries.