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An expert in animal nutrition, Nealia supports livestock farmers in the Grand-Est region of France with animal feed products (for cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, horses, and other farmyard animals), as well as strategic advice to help them run their farms more efficiently.

Driving innovation on its market, Nealia has developed unique know-how in processing co-products from agribusiness in the Champagne-Ardenne region to produce good quality, nutritional, and economical feed. The company is also eager to instil a regional dynamic to take position on higher-added-value segments.

Its aim is to help improve livestock farmers' competitiveness while meeting consumer expectations.

  • At a time when livestock farmers are suffering from the undervaluation of finished products (meat, milk, and eggs), Nealia has made its number-one priority to help them reduce their production costs by providing good, objective advice focused on their best interests, to help them become competitive on international markets.

  • This imperative has driven the company to innovate. As a pioneer in compound wet feed, Nealia constantly develops new products and services to provide livestock farmers with efficient technical and economic solutions.

  • Nutritional quality and food safety for the consumer depends on the animals' health. That's why we are capitalising on our know-how to constantly explore new opportunities with local stakeholders, to develop livestock industries in the Grand-Est region, with a focus on high-added-value growth markets (a regional poultry industry, anaerobic digestion, etc.).

Nealia in actions

Développement de l’aliment semi-humide et de l’activité méthanisation

Développement de l’aliment semi-humide et de l’activité méthanisation

Sur un marché difficile, les volumes vendus en alimentation semi-humide sont en augmentation. Cette activité, spécifique à Nealia, est une réelle force dans un contexte où les éleveurs cherchent de nouvelles solutions économiques. Ce développement permet par ailleurs à Nealia d’adresser les nouveaux marchés de la méthanisation et de l’élevage d’insectes.

Nealia soutient sur le développement d’une filière locale de volailles de chair : un vrai levier de croissance et d’emploi

Nealia supports the development of broilers production that is a true lever for growth and employment

Crop producers looking for additional revenues have the opportunity to work jointly with the poultry farmers (Label Rouge and Organic) of the Moulins Henry group created by Nealia. From the locally grown wheat and maize (thus reducing the carbon footprint), Nealia produces a complete feed for each stage of the broiler’s development.

Consommer local avec les « Volailles Champenoises »

Eating local with "Volailles Champenoises"

With support from Nealia, which has a 45% stake in the business, Les Eleveurs de la Champagne has rolled out its new brand identity, "Volailles Champenoises" (Champagne poultry), which highlights the regional origin of its poultry products. Volailles Champenoises is recognised for the consistently high quality of its products, which are exclusively sourced from our beautiful region. More

Nealia in figures

1st Animal feed provider in the region (50% market share)6,000 livestock farmer customers436,000 tonnes of animal feed sold annually

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