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Beers and craft beers, whisky…Malteurop malt is sold to more than 300 breweries and 30 distilleries across 5 continents. Malteurop is amongst the 3 largest world maltsters. Renowned for its integration of the barley-malt-beer chain, Malteurop is active at every stage of the value chain from the validation of new varieties of brewery barley to the deliveries to breweries.

The key to future success is to always bring more added value at every stage of the chain and continue to develop internationally in support of the brewers’ growth.

  • Malteurop did not become a malt world leader by chance! Our homeland has always been renowned for its production of brewery barley. Today, Malteurop is present in the three major brewery barley producing areas: Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • Renowned for the quality of its malts, Malteurop is very well positioned and benefits from the growth in demand for brewed beverages (beers but also Whiskies and Bourbon) worldwide and particularly in Asia.
  • With its plants in China, Australia and New Zealand, Malteurop is one of the leading maltsters in the Asia-Pacific region. This is where Malteurop is increasing its investments to respond to the increasing demand in malt that should reach 1M tonnes by 2025.
  • The success of craft beers also provides exciting growth prospects on many markets around the world. Thanks to its new North American business unit, "Malteurop Malting Company", as well as its new European positioning, "The farmer-maltsters", armed with a new range of malts distributed in bags, Malteurop is continuing to develop sales on this fast-growing market segment, which should achieve significant market share by volume in the years to come.


Malteurop in actions

Malteurop s’installe au Mexique

Malteurop starts operations in Mexico

Malteurop is pursuing its international expansion by building a new 120,000-tonne capacity malt house in Meoqui, northern Mexico. The 14th country that Malteurop has operations in, Mexico is a market where beer sales continue to grow, located in a strategic region. Malteurop can also count on its close collaboration with Heineken Mexico, which part of the plant's output is intended for, to develop a new supply chain with local farmers, and contribute to the growth of the Mexican brewing industry.

Brasseries artisanales et nouvelle identité de marque pour Malteurop

Craft breweries and a new brand identity for Malteurop

Malteurop is adapting to the craft beer boom with a range of new products, with specific packaging and distribution, as well as new partnerships. One such partnership is with Brewpark, distributor from Reims specializing in ingredients and consumables for breweries, that is distributing our new range of specialty malts in 25 kg bags to craft brewers in France. This move into the craft beer market all over the world goes hand-in-hand with an adjustment of the brand identity. Malteurop is tweaking its positioning, underscoring its farming heritage, in order to speak to its new target market: craft breweries.

Malteurop répond à la demande de malt biologique en France

Malteurop responds to growing demand for organic malt in France

Sales of organic products in France are growing in all sectors of the food industry, and beer is no exception to this trend. In January 2020, Malteurop launched a range of organic malt, produced in its Aire-sur-la-Lys malt house in northern France, in order to meet growing demand from both from major brewers and craft breweries. The challenge is in terms of the local grain supply. With this new supply chain, Malteurop provides commercial opportunities to farmers who are transitioning to organic farming.

Malteurop in figures

2.2M tonnes malt production capacityOver 1,000 employees In 27 industrial sites across 14 countries1 in 10 beers in the world is brewed with Malteurop malt

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